How do deaf people communicate?

Do deaf people get the same level of service as hearing people?

What is the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act)?

What level of access does TexBox provide?

Improve access and quality of service with TexBox for textphone callers

What is TexBox?

TexBox is a text telephone system which connects hard of hearing, deaf or speech impaired customers who use textphones (also known as minicoms), to almost anyone in your organisation. One system will eliminate the need for textphones throughout your organisation by utilizing already networked PC's on an internal computer network (LAN or WAN), where the textphone call is routed via the network to a relevant agentís PC.

As with a voice telephone system, TexBox offers the textphone user direct one to one private communication, with the option to be transferred to any department throughout an organisation.


Improves Textphone service accessibility.
Reduced dependency on textphones in the organisation.
Ability to deliver calls to any location within an organisation.
Multiple Agents can be logged-in to the system at any time.
Improved call transfer capability.
Comfort messaging.
Minimal impact on Digital Office Infastructure (DOI).
Intuitive interface for Agents and Administrators.
Minimum training required to service textphone calls.

System options

TexBox V.18 Server System - Complete hardware & Software solution installed at customer site 

TexBox Direct - Subscription based Hosted service with no need for any equipment to be purchased 

TexBox ICCS - Text-Telephony modem resource module for seamless integration into existing contact centre infrastructure

Last updated :07/10/2015

Enquiries: 020 8964 0774      Text helpline number: 020 8964 6304