A growing number of companies/organisations are registering to the TexBoxDirect service. This allows us to list them in our TexMee application for Android and iPhones. The TexMee app is free to download and as long as you have a connection via WiFi or Data, you can make a call in real-time character-by-character text to a chosen listed company. Depending on connectivity, this can sometimes be free especially if you are connected via WiFi. Data connections will incurr your standard data charges for internet access.

TexMee for Android and iPhones


Download and install from App store or Android Market.


Follow the install prompts.


Make sure you have WiFi or Data access.

4 Click on a company logo to make a call.


Last updated :12/01/2012

Enquiries: 020 8964 0774      Text helpline number: 020 8964 6304