How do deaf people communicate?

Do deaf people get the same level of service as hearing people?

What is the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act)?

What level of access does TexBox provide?

Hearing people currently get better service, fact.

Here is a diagram to show how limited deaf people are when using their textphone, in most cases it’s a dead end compared to the freedom of a hearing caller.



The organisation doesn’t have the solution that puts them in control of handling deaf calls.

We hear things like ‘Deaf people can use email instead’. Yes, they probably can.  But hearing people can too, but they still use the telephone, and deaf people need to also.

So how can businesses improve? How can you offer an equal service? TexBox provides the ability to receive textphone calls, SMS and interactive web chat to your organisation and handle them in the same way as a hearing persons call. How? Using a desktop application.



Last updated :01/07/2010

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