Within the Accessibility Team at Sky we have used TexBox for a few years now. Finding it a contemporary way to communicate with our hearing impaired customers.

It is a tool which is easy to master causing little effort with training resources. 

TexBox offers a more intimate way to deal with deaf customers, rather than using the more common Type Talk. Customers often feel more comfortable discussing personal matters such as financial issues, using TexBox as it offers a far more confidential way to communicate with each other. It is far easier way to build rapport with the customers when you can speak directly to them. 

Having the opportunity to change the settings of TexBox is more than handy especially for those operators who have difficulty reading small print or particular colours.

TexBox enables you to deal effectively with a customerís enquiry without interrupting your normally day to day responsibilities. If you are not available to take the call from TexBox it will be passed to the next available operator ensuring the customer is dealt with as quickly as possible. TexBox offers deaf customers independence when contacting us, not relying on other people to convey their needs.

TexBox is a link to the deaf world which is invaluable to us and many of our deaf customers, enabling us to make it easier than ever for deaf customers to contact us.

Dorothy Brownlie, Accessibility Manager, BSKYB




Last updated :02/05/2007

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